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Originally, Nyqaisa wanted something she could call her own and, would eventually develop into a beauty empire. Working for someone else was never an option, so she slowly started working her way into becoming her own boss through ingenuity and her passion for makeup artistry. Instep Become Beauty Queens.

Waking up every day and loving what you do is a rarity, but Nyqaisa is finding it to be easier with each passing day by providing you with products that promise high customer satisfaction and unique design. Coming up with a plan to create something she knew was in demand in the beauty industry and sought after by anyone with a makeup brush, her business plan was a no brainer. Reinvent makeup brush and product storage, while separating herself from competition through the handmade construction and personalization of products.



Become Beauty Queens was founded in 2019 by Nyqaisa and Mark from the living room of their one-bedroom apartment, but with small beginnings, come big ambitions. The two entrepreneurs were determined to succeed, backed by their own business savvy and passion for the makeup industry. Creating custom, quality items for beauty enthusiasts was of the utmost importance.


In their beginnings, they solely made makeup brush boxes, but have since extended their business to the sale of makeup brushes and lash extensions. Building their brand one product at a time, they intend to build a name for themselves in the beauty industry.



Taking the time to hand make every makeup brush box, adds that personal touch not everyone can boast. Each box is first formed, then fitted with fabric and then studded. Paying special attention to detail, the average time it takes to create a makeup box can range from 12 to 24 hours. Guaranteeing a quality product, that not only promises style, but doesn’t break the bank was very important to both Nyqaisa and Mark Become Beauty Queens can also proudly say they are the only business you can find custom made makeup brush boxes that are both vegan and cruelty free.


Nyqaisa started with limited funds, but slowly built a following. Being a self-sufficient businesswoman, she is not only the creator, but also the photographer, videographer, and marketer of her own products. Starting your own business is never a walk in the park, but Nyqaisa is finding that with determination and great work ethic, her once dream, is becoming a reality. Her advice, “start small and never give up! Even when it gets rough.”


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